Friday, January 6, 2012

Quiet People Have the Loudest Minds

It's amazing how a single phrase can spark an entire idea.

I was browsing my most recent fascination in a site call, when I stumbled upon this quote. "Quiet people have the loudest minds." - Stephen Hawking.

Normally, I don't pay attention to quotes all that much because really, how many do I need to read about love that have the exact same meaning.  We get it, love is precious, mysterious, etc. etc., but when I read this quote by Hawking, I really took a liking to it.

As I have said in the past, I am not one for words, especially if you don't know me.  I prefer to express myself in other ways. Music, writing, and other art forms my ADD is interested in that day.  If you've known me a day, you'll be lucky to get a full sentence out of me.  A year, I won't shut up until you are ready to commit me to an insane asylum, which is probably a good place for me anyways.

Anywho, back to the quote.  "Quiet people have the loudest minds."
Let me think about this for just a second...Okay, I've never been one for words. Ever. I often tell me friends and loved ones, "You wouldn't last five minutes in my head."  This statement is so... scary as it is...true.  Quiet as I am, my mind is an uncontrollable machine.  Often propelling at a rate that I can't even keep up with.  I'm not saying I'm a genius, or even smart for that matter, but I would say my brain is...unique?...Maybe that's not the right word, but it doesn't matter at this point.  I have two close friends in my life.  I have plenty of friends, don't pity me, but two CLOSE friends.  If you were to be present when all three of us were together, your head would literally explode.  This is why I am so quiet around people I don't know.  I'm not really sure if they could handle the frequency at which my brain operates.  (I know that sounds like I'm knocking the average person and calling people stupid, but in this case I'm not. Promise I'll get to that another day.  I know there are people out there much smarter than me.)  I am simply saying, we are extremely different individuals that think unlike any other people in the world.  This is why we are such good friends and the reason I can actually have conversations with them.  It's like we all have the same brain.  Although we are three of the quietest individuals in a group of people, alone, or in our minds, we are the loudest.

Stephen Hawking said it the best with his quote, just because someone is quiet, doesn't mean they don't have a voice and something to say.



    I'm struggling at work becasue of it though! Everybody is always down on me to talk, not understanding that 1) the spoken word really is just not for me 2) I'm not comfortable enough with them to just spill my mind.

    It's extremely upsetting.

  2. I hear where you are coming from, in a social gathering, I am usually not one to speak out. It takes a long time before I am comfortable speaking my mind to someone. Like I said in the post I really have two close friends that I can speak my mind. Which is way I started this blog to begin with, to express my thoughts in a non-personal way. Thanks for the comment. Don't let it bother you, eventually you will become comfortable enough with strangers. The internet is a wonderful thing where you can express yourself personally without being personal, if that makes any sense. Thanks for reading! Have a great day.

  3. That's so true! But I've learned to just talk to people about other things, getting the other people to open up and just focus on themselves (as people, especially extroverts love to do) gets me farther and makes it all sane again.

  4. I can so relate to you. Have you tried not talking to anyone for two weeks, and then finding someone to talk to earnestly? I experience a surge of ideas and emotions at these meetings. I am working on seeking out these people again instead of going back into my shell, because that is frustrating to them.

  5. Same! I think i might have social anxiety at school, but nobody knows my real personality... i am one of the loudest people at home, trust me, i never shut up. i just hate some people at school. they judge me, hurt my feelings etc. i can so relate to you! thanks,
    ThatsSoJodie :D

  6. You are correct, I am only 12 and im always told by people I have brilliant mind. Sometimes i agree with them. But I get bullied alot for being stupid. Einstein once said, "Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live the rest of its life thinking it stupid."

  7. People bully other people because they don't understand them. Whether you're smart, dumb, athletic, nonathletic, etc. people are going to judge and bully those that are different. You do you and it gets much easier as life goes on to find close friends. People of like minds tend to drift towards each other. Hang in there.